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The Timescope terminal: a journey through time

la borne Timescope

Discover the history of the Château de Saint-Cloud with an exceptional virtual reality experience: a plunge into the heart of the vanished monument, made possible by the Timescope terminal.

An unparalleled experience

An immersive film

When you stand at the center of the château's terrace, you're in the former courtyard of honor of the palace, destroyed by fire during the 1870 war. Since the demolition of the ruins in 1892, and their replacement by flowerbeds, it's hard to imagine what this impressively large building once looked like.

Since September 2021, a Timescope terminal, installed on the terrace, provides free access to a never-before-seen immersive film, lasting around 6 minutes, which resurrects the palace in-situ before your very eyes.

Reconstitution Timescope
Reconstitution Timescope

A virtual reality tour

This 3D historical reconstruction places the Château de Saint-Cloud back in the history of France, evoking its evolution over the centuries. Immerse yourself in virtual reality at the heart of the setting, thanks to the rigorous work carried out by Timescope's teams, based on historical archives, old descriptions, engravings and period plans...

Discover the Maison de Gondi, a gift from Catherine de Médicis to her squire Jérôme de Gondi, which became the pleasure home of the first archbishop of Paris, Jean-François de Gondi, around 1625.

Admire the château built from 1676 onwards for the king's younger brother, Philippe d'Orléans, known as Monsieur, to the design of Antoine Le Pautre, following a regular U-shaped plan around the main courtyard. Nicknamed the "House of Delights" by Saint-Simon, Saint-Cloud became the ideal venue for large-scale festivities.

Reconstitution Timescope
Reconstitution Timescope

Discover the château's interiors

Visit the palace, enlarged and transformed in 1785 for its new owner, Queen Marie-Antoinette. Thanks to 360° views, you'll discover the salons redecorated under Louis-Philippe and the sumptuous apartments of Empress Eugénie, from the floor to the painted ceilings.

This project was supported by the Association des Amis du Parc de Saint-Cloud and the Rock en Seine festival.

Salon Louis Philippe - Reconstitution Timescope
Salon Louis Philippe - Reconstitution Timescope


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